Friday, November 12, 2010

Asalam Alaykum (Peace be upon you) Welcome sisters! ♥

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  

Asalam Alaykum all my lovely sisters around the world!
This is Aisha the creator of "Life As A Muslimah" on facebook, so as you know or are just finding out I have teamed up with a sister named Izza she will be making videos for Life As A Muslimah InshAllah she does amazing hijab tutorials and more and in the blog I will be explaining our goals and plans for you InshAllah! :)

 The things we will be sharing and doing will be:
- How to be as a Muslim women (act, feel, rights, and much more) 
- Beauty tips
- Marriage ( Things you can only ask a sister) 
- Advice of any kind and we ill try our best to answer all your questions! InshAllah
- Just a sister to talk to about anything if your lonely, sad, lost, confused ANYTHING!
- New muslimahs ( this is a perfect place for you!) we will be sharing hadiths, Quran, stories, and of course anything you suggest.
and much much more! InshAllah!

This page is aimed at providing Muslimahs with all sorts information and resources to help them get started and become stronger muslimahs InshAllah never forget you are not alone you will always have a sister to lean on! We realize their may be some things missing here, and we appreciate your feedback on how to improve our page and things you would like to see InshAllah. Invite your friends & promote this page and help us spreading Allah's Ayats & Islam & more.  May Allah give us Knowledge & strenght to Follow Right way InshAllah !! please feel free to add us on facebook (the admin page) I will set the links below for our channel and our fan page InshAllah.

here is the link for Izza's 1st video for Life As A Muslimah

Thank you for reading and take care!!
Ma salams ♥




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