Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Questions & Answers about Islaam


On today's blog some questions and answers about Islaam, these are common questions that still learn us of what we are (humans) and that we are created by Allah (swt) and are nothing without his will! So always say Alhumdulliah in every aspect of life!

Q1: Who is your God?:
A1: Allah (swt)

Q2: What does God mean?:
A2: It means that He who is adored, because He possesses everything and he controls the whole universe.

Q3: Who has created you?:
A3: Allah (swt) has created me.

Q4: What does Allah (swt) mean?:
A4: There is nothing like him, he is not born and he does not give birth. He is the Creator of the universe and anything and everything belongs to him. Allah is the name of the high and holy Creator.

Q5: Who’s servant are you?
A5: I am the servant of Allah (swt)

Q6: Where do we come from and where are we going?
A6: We come from Allah (swt) and we will return to Allah (swt)

Q7: Why are we created?
A7: We are created to worship and to be His servant.

Q8: What is the duty of the people?
A8: Live life according the obligation of Allah (swt) and the instruction given by Prophet Mohammad (PBOH).

Q9: Since when are you a muslim?
A9: Sinds “Qalu Billah” we are muslims, Alhumdulliah

Q10: What does “Qalu Billah” mean?
A10: Before the Great and Holy Allah (swt) created the universe, he created the souls of all people. He then called them to Himself and He asked them:
‘’ Alastu Birabbikum’’ (Am I not your God?)
And the souls promised: ‘’Qalu Billah’’ (Yes, You are our God, we only listen to you and will ask only You for help). The period in which this took place is called the ‘’ Qalu Billah”

Q11: What does ‘’ Alhumdulliah’’ mean?
A11: All praise is to Allah (SWT)

Q12: How can we thank Allah (SWT) for all the living that we continuously get from him (eyes, minds, bodies, noses, understood, hands, feet, food and drink)?
A12: By saying: Many thanks to Allah (swt)

Q13: What do you say when you start to eat or drink something?
A13: Then I say Bismillaahhir rahmaanir rahiem

Q14: Where is Allah (swt)?
A14: Allah (swt) is alway everywhere.

Q15: What is your faith?
A15: My faith is Islaam.

Q16: How do you enter Islaam?
A16: By saying the faith testimonies of the Tawheed and the Shahada, you will enter Islam

Q17: What is your Holy Book?
A17: My Holy Book is the Holy Quraan

Q18: What is your Qiblah (the direction of prayer)?
A18: The Ka’Bah

Q19: What and where is you origin?
A19: My origin lies in the people/descendants of Prophet Adam (PBOH)

Q20: Who is your Prophet?
A20: My Prophet is Mohammad (PBOH)


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